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Friends of the Earth: Climate-Friendly Foodservice Projects

We can’t begin to affect climate change impacts if we don’t address school food. Enter, a few projects to help Friends of the Earth’s Food & Technology team advocate for blended burgers on college campuses, through the Better Burger Campaign. KTC took the lead on this campaign, crafting messages and conducting individual outreach to hundreds of university and college food service and sustainability leaders and helped some of them introduce this concept, all the while, helping to build the supply chain. Next up: Facilitation of a Healthy, Climate-Friendly Foodservice Forum in LA and co-writing a report on Plant-based proteins in K-12. Let’s get plant-powered!

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NCO logo

Partnerships to Improve Community Health

Jen directed a 2.5 year Partnerships to Improve Community Health grant funded through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that took the conversation from public health to the community! She led a local team to implement systems, policy and environment change in food systems and clinical settings, and piloted a Wellness Rx at a Tribal Health center.

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Community Health Improvement Plans

Agencies throughout the country are developing these plans to improve local health determinants and to be compliant with state and federal regulations. Miles and Healthy Mendocino partnered with Mendocino County’s Community Action Agency, Community Health Clinics, Health and Human Services Agency, and Ukiah Valley Medical Center to create a unique collaborative that developed and completed a cooperative Community Health Needs Assessment. With the Assessment’s results, Miles facilitated a community summit and multi-stakeholder action planning as the foundation for Mendocino County’s Community Health Improvement Plan.

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mend food logo

The Mendocino County Food Action Plan

The Food Movement has been an important engine for reinvigorating declining agricultural bases and depressed economies throughout the U.S. Miles was the lead facilitator of two-year community engagement process to compile the guiding principles, goals, and actions in the Mendocino County Food Action Plan. The Food Action Plan was developed as a living, guiding document for the Mendocino County Food Policy Council and the multiple and diverse stakeholders involved in its formation. This plan continues to drive the process of the regional food movement.

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city of ukiah logo

City of Ukiah Neighborhood Resilience Neighborhood Resilience Initiative

Healthy communities are active, participatory communities. Miles developed the Neighborhood Resilience Plan for the City of Ukiah, CA to empower neighbors in the creation of beautiful, safe, and healthy neighborhoods. He is the lead organizer in the engagement of multi-lingual and diverse neighborhoods to assess their needs, develop action plans, and implement strategies for neighborhood leadership and advocacy. An essential element of the process is facilitating collaboration between neighbors, City agencies, North Coast Opportunities – Community Action Agency, and relevant community stakeholders.

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ecosur logo

ECOSUR (El Colegio de La Frontera Sur)

Industrial, processed food has led to a deterioration of community health and local economies throughout the State of Chiapas, Mexico. Miles was invited by ECOSUR to develop and implement a training program in Spanish for 30 teachers throughout the state. The training guided teachers in the development and execution of community-based Action Plans for the communities where they teach and live. The goals were to build and sustain healthy, community based food systems and meet the unique needs of multi-lingual indigenous communities, rural and urban centers.

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gse logo

Global Student Embassy

GSE was looking to improve the ability of their U.S. and Nicaraguan staffs to work better together in implementing the organization’s mission, as well as provide their Nicaraguan staff with the tools and skills to increase community and student engagement in their projects. Miles designed and facilitated the development of a strategic plan in Spanish for the regional implementation of GSE’s Nicaraguan and American Agroecology programs in rural Nicaragua. He also developed and implemented a training program for Nicaraguan staff to increase community ownership of projects and enhance student learning in Agroecology.

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culver logo

Culver Acadamies

Culver Academies – a co-ed boarding school in Indiana – is developing goals, plans, and programs to improve operational sustainability. Miles advised Culver Academies’ Sustainability Director in the development of an integrated institutional food system through multi-stakeholder collaboration, curricular and staff integration, and grant and revenue based funding mechanisms. He also developed professional development plans for the Academies’ institutional food service to procure, prepare and serve fresh, local produce.

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21 acres logo

21 Acres Center for Sustainable Living

21 Acres needed brand voice development and copywriting to convey their work to engage citizens in the relationship between climate action and food systems change. If you get a chance, go visit this stunning Center for Sustainable Living in Woodinville, WA -- just 45 minutes north of Seattle.

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animal agriculture logo

Animal Agriculture Reform Collaborative

The Animal Agriculture Reform Collaborative brings together sustainable farmer, environmental, public health, social and economic justice, and animal welfare organizations to bring about systemic change required to establish a sustainable and just animal agriculture system. KTC wrote two white papers for the group: one explored food purchasing policy at major restaurants, grocers, schools and hospital systems and analyzed barriers and opportunities and the other analyzed animal agriculture and antibiotics legislation across the United States over a 10-year period.

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California Invasive Species Advisory Council logo

California Invasive Species Advisory Council/California Farm Bureau

Farmers’ market shoppers are the target for this statewide communications campaign designed by KTC. We created a brochure and poster to educate consumers about the pests that have the most impact on specialty crops and our natural environment. Then we wrote a survey, analyzed it and produced a report to understand the effectiveness of the materials and overall understanding of invasive species. We would still love to do an invasive species celebrity chef cook-off like the ever creative Fertile Earth Foundation in Miami…maybe another time?

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North Coast Farmers Convergence logo

The Annual North Coast Farmers Convergence

KTC and North Coast Opportunities created this groundbreaking multi-year event that convened farmers from six counties (Marin, Sonoma, Napa, Mendocino, Lake and Humboldt) for a facilitated conversation regarding regional food systems planning. KTC collaborated on the facilitation strategy, created and implemented the outreach plan and coordinated the event. Always a huge success. Can’t wait to do it again!

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Andale Mexican Family Kitchen logo

Andale Mexican Family Kitchen

Luis and Pedro came to KTC with a dream. The envisioned a new website, new signage at all Bay Area locations and a new way to communicate that they’d gone green and source local food. We researched and created a positioning document for them that transformed their marketing strategy. We rewrote all of their menus, then we got to work collaborating with The Engine Room to make a website that tells the story of this immigrant family that made all their dreams come true. We topped it off with a heaping ladle full of social media strategy and look forward to our next shared burrito and tequila cocktail.

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North Coast Opportunities logo

North Coast Opportunities

NCO received a Farmers’ Market Promotions Program (FMPP) grant through the USDA and asked us to help complete their MCGROW project. The goal of the project is to grow new farmers, renew agricultural skills, organize trainings and capacity building for farmers and market managers and work to increase production capacity in Mendocino County. Collaborating with a number of community partners, we developed and implemented a “Meet Me at the Market” yard sign program, a “Turn Over a New Leaf” leafy greens recipe and cooking demo promotion program and organized a series of farmer trainings pertaining to food safety regulations, season extension practices, and business and marketing. We also developed and led a farmers’ market marketing training for managers of MCFARM’s certified markets.

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Magruder Ranch logo

Magruder Ranch

After winning a Value Added Producer Grant from the USDA for this 5th
generation grassfed cattle and heritage breed hog ranch, we got to work
crafting marketing and business plans for a new line of cured meat products.



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Love and Hummus logo

Love & Hummus

Working with love and hummus feeds the soul and the stomach. We helped this new company create a brand voice, craft a marketing plan, strategize for expansion, helped broker new relationships and coached the owner to realize her dreams.




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Azalina's logo


Our favorite prepared food at the Alemany Farmers’ Market and Off the Grid in San Francisco is Azalina’s Malaysian street food, straight from her hometown of Penang. We coached Azalina to gain clarity around her business and marketing goals, craft a brand voice and a creative brief, and own the fact that people in the Bay Area will fall in love with her adventurous and flavorful offerings. Look for her peanut sauce, coconut jam and star anise curry at Whole Foods stores around the Bay.


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Mendocino Winegrape and Wine Commission logo

Mendocino Winegrape and Wine Commission

Off-the-beaten track, Mendocino County’s wine region abounds with 3rd and 4th generation farmers, skilled wine makers and a strong independent spirit that makes every excursion an adventure. Kitchen Table Consulting is honored to work with MWWC on a variety of marketing projects to promote Mendocino County’s grapes and wines. Projects include: marketing and branding, grant writing, crafting radio spots and newspaper articles, writing and editing a quarterly newsletter and other communications plus the planning and execution of Taste of Mendocino, a trade and consumer event. As one of the last remaining truly rural wine regions in California, we are honored to serve the grape growers, vintners, farm workers and specialty crop producers who give their blood, sweat and tears to the creation of award-winning wines.

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heart association

American Heart Association

In an effort to reduce incidences of heart disease and obesity in America by 20% by 2012 the American Heart Association hired us to create lesson plans and content for their “Simple Cooking With Heart” campaign as well as scripts for cooking videos, marketing materials and web content for their “A Healthy Start to Home Cooking” initiative. It was a pleasure and an honor to work with the AHA towards their goals.

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taste of mendocino

Taste of Mendocino

The Mendocino Winegrape and Wine Commission hired us to spearhead an unprecedented event for the Mendocino wine and food community – showcase the bounty of the county, on just one day in San Francisco, in order to bring more attention to a down-home wine lifestyle that is very different from neighboring Sonoma and Napa Counties. The event was intended as an economic development and rural renewal effort and required hours of community development work. Jen helped pitch the event, craft its content, design the space and manage every single aspect of its successful completion from relationship building to marketing. Let’s all look forward to many more Taste of Mendocino events to come!

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kitchen table talks

Kitchen Table Talks

Jen is co-founder and producer of this monthly conversation about the American food system – one that has been bringing the good food community together for over two years. Sponsored in part by Civil Eats, Bi-Rite Market and 18 Reasons, KTT’s mission is to build a coalition of stakeholders from all segments of society who come together to develop relationships, exchange knowledge and ideas and leave with specific actions they can implement to make meaningful improvements in our food system.

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good food awards

Good Food Awards

The Good Food Awards celebrate the kind of food we all want to eat: tasty, authentic and responsibly produced. Awards are presented to outstanding American food producers and the farmers who provide their ingredients. Jen is the Co-Chair of the Cheese Committee (for two years running) and is excited to be a part of an emerging consumer communications effort as well as one that pushes industries towards craftsmanship and sustainability while enhancing our agricultural landscape and building strong communities.

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cuesa logo

The Center for Urban Education About Sustainable Agriculture

Help CUESA create and execute moderated
discussion panels about timely sustainable agriculture issues.
Conceptualize, plan and execute tours to visit facilities of
participating Ferry Plaza Farmers Market vendors. Edit the
weekly newsletter and other materials.

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Ingredients for change logo

Ingredients For Change

Active Voice needed a local and national media outreach to tell the story of 30
lower-income areas across the nation that held civic engagement screenings
of the documentary Food, Inc. in an effort to address local obesity statistics.
With funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Participant Media
and Active Voice created the year-long initiative in collaboration with non-profit
organizations that work with communities lacking access to nutritional foods
resulting in disproportionately high rates of diet-related health problems.

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Seedling Projects Logo

Seedling Projects

Seedling Projects is a new “Do-Tank” for the food movement. Kitchen Table Consulting
worked with them before launch to brainstorm the company name and to generate a list
of potential partners for the future. Today, Jen is on the Cheese Committee for the up
and coming Good Food Awards and is collaborating with Seedling Projects to create
the 2011 Good Food for All event in D.C.

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Civil Eats Logo

Civil Eats

As the Civil Eats Local Eats Editor, Jen is committed to sharing stories about how
cities all over the United States are rebuilding local food systems from the ground up.
Civil Eats promotes critical thought about sustainable agriculture and food systems
as part of building economically and socially just communities. The blog supports
the development of a dialog among local and national leaders about the American
food system, and its effects abroad. Civil Eats can be humorous, serious, academic,
philosophical, conversational – its style of conversation is as diverse as its 40+
contributors – but it is always thought provoking, innovative, and focused on food politics.

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barbaras logo

Barbara's Bakery

Barbara's needed help with a new brand voice, one that tied together all of their various
products, from Puffins to Cheese Puffs, and paid homage to the company's deep history
in Northern California's natural foods movement. We collaborated with the Macchiatto
team to re-write their brand story and create packaging and website copy they loved.
Falling in love again was an important measure of success for this brand team that
has worked at Barbara's for decades, and we made it happen! Peace, love, puffed
organic corn, and all that is good to eat.
Design by Macchiatto.

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care 2 logo Your Farmer's Market Contest partnered with Local Harvest to conduct
a summer-long farmers market promotion contest, highlighting
the benefits of shopping direct from farmers. I conceptualized,
created, wrote and hosted seven episodes of the Farm Fresh
Cook Cooking Show as part of their farmers market contest promotion.

Cucumber Dip with Fresh Dill Video

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LaCocina Logo

La Cocina

As pro bono clients, the artisan food businesses in La Cocina’s incubator program
use our services to create marketing plans, creative briefs, web and product copy,
press releases and get the business, and often personal, coaching they need to succeed.

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fare resources

Fare Resources

We work with our close friend Gabriel Cole at Fare Resources, regularly it seems.
We spend hours and days collaborating on the crafting of insightful and well-researched
landscape assessments, project scopes and business plans for clients who want to create
community kitchens, sustainable food systems, healthy corner stores and major developments
as they relate to food enterprise and community economic growth.

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Lappert’s Hawaii

Working with Nosie 13 again, we conceived new messaging then wrote new content,
taglines, ads and copy for the refresh of this well-established, only-in-Hawaii brand.
Don’t be fooled by the stateside decoy as they are not affiliated. Lappert’s Hawaii’s
coffee and ice cream are pure volcanic soil and Aloha bliss all the way.
Design by Noise 13.

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dominic phillips event marketing logo


Dominic Phillips Event Marketing produced Slow Food Nation. A gargantuan task.
Dominic also produces other enormous events and endeavors and will hire us to
conduct research and development and landscape assessments.


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Slow Food Nation Logo

Slow Food Nation '08

As Programs Director for this event that brought over 85,000 people to San Francisco,
Jen developed, organized and managed the creation of the Food for Thought series,
the Taste Workshops, over 45 dinners with non-profit organizations, 12 journeys, eight
hikes, the Slow Food Rocks concert and the SFN bookstore. The work required an
incredible amount of vision, patience, diligence, and relationship smoothing and
building. It required work with celebrities, policy wonks, chefs, foodies and food
producers, managing personal agendas and encouraging collaboration and inclusion.
Jen worked with the PR team, ensuring our media coverage was on message, assisted
with social networking and other communications efforts, including branding, signage,
the website; all the while working within a small budget, creating budgets, negotiating
fees and asking people to waive their usual stipends. Jen’s work would not have been
successful without the assistance of a dedicated team of volunteers and intern staff,
which Jen managed (the 12-hour days, seven days a week helped too). Working on
behalf of the values of Slow Food was one of the most rewarding experiences of her career.

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campovida logo


As a thought partner and creative collaborator, we work with the gang at Campovida
to provide messaging, content and program and relationship development as it
relates to this historical property in Hopland, California. The former Fetzer Valley
Oaks Center and home to 51 acres surrounded by another 100+ acres of vineyards
that sit up against other 100+ acres of vineyards and farms, the current stewards
of the property wanted to communicate their commitment to sustaining it’s organic,
culinary and civic legacy as well as bring new life and urban/rural renewal to the site.

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mag wines logo

Magnanimus Wines

Re-write web copy to communicate the wine group’s commitment to creating premium wines that support sustainable,organic and bio-dynamic wine practices in Mendocino County and beyond. Interview wine growers, write farm descriptions and clearly communicate the meaning of each farming practice such that consumers feel a sincere connection with their mission and purpose.
Design by Noise 13.


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Cocktails by Jenn

cocktails by jenn logo

Conceptualize and create a world, a persona and a brand that will attract the female cocktail drinker. Create a fresh, flirty and creative brand voice for this new lifestyle brand. Translate the voice to product and packaging copy, a robust website including party themes, playlists, product recycling ideas, daily blogs, email responses and newsletters, as well as press kits, POS and sales materials. The project included loads of research and development and advice on all design and PR decisions.
Design by Michael Osborne Design.

Good News: Cocktails by Jenn, a collection of flavored, ready-to-drink, premium-vodka cocktails packaged in a purse-shaped tote was sold within 1 year of launch for over $15 million.

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folio logo

Folio Winemakers’ Studio

Create a brand voice plus brochure and web copy for Napa’s innovative and
unique wine making studio.
Design by Noise 13.


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galaxy logo

Galaxy Desserts

With the launch of their new Jean-Yves Charon Collection, Galaxy Desserts
needed consumer web copy and tantalizing descriptions of their products
(no room on the packaging). And, a little help with their trade and consumer

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stretch island fruit company logo

Stretch Island Fruit Company

Completely update their voice, brand, web strategy and experience. We took
their very Web 1.0 site and collaborated with a great Denver-based designer
to make it fun and informative. Also had to incorporates their other brand,
Fruitabu, organic smoooshed fruit (Yes, with three o’s).

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poggio logo

Poggio Restaurant

Interview restauranteurs to create an inaugural newsletter. Included editorial development,
recipe editing and feature writing.


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dreamerz logo


Re-craft packaging copy for three flavors of this all-natural, dairy sleep aid,
then embark on a naming brainstorm for six Fruit Teaz, write the packaging
copy and brainstorm names for various Pillow Chocolates. Then, rest.

Good news: They really work.

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kashi logo


Taking cues from their Kashi Challenge campaign, create a Wellness Hub,
draft scripts for podcasts, research, interview and hire a team of experts to
write and record content. Draft editorial calendars for up to six months.

Good News: Kashi is good.

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